About Us

We are excited to launch our new company and product Edin. After being featured in too many magazines to mention and having created an online stir, we know that Edin is going to be big. You may have seen us in the Dinosaurs’ Den where we were we told that we didn’t need them because we were already doing it so well ourselves, so that’s what we have continued to do. We also hope to win Startup Fictional Business of the Year this Year.

Browse our site and see for yourself why you need Edin.

Here are some of the fantastic things people have had to say about Edin:

It’s just brilliant. I will recommend Edin to everyone I know! – A. Girl.

I’m really glad these guys got Edin out there. I’ve bought it and now think perhaps I should have invested! – A. Dinosaur.

Here are just some of the magazine reviews we have had:

Edin. That says it all really. ★★★★
– One of the Magazines

What a product. Why didn’t someone think of it sooner? ★★★★★
– Another Magazine

Get out there and buy it if you’re a customer and stock it if you’re a retailer – you’d be mad not to! ★★★★★
– Some other Magazine